What is the Run to Escape Virtual Experience?

Run to Escape is a first-of-its-kind, virtual experience that combines running with the clues, codes, and explosive popularity of escape rooms. For those seeking a more immersive, fulfilling virtual experience, Run to Escape is an addictive blend of motivation, dopamine, entertainment, and endorphins.

How does this work?

Here’s the basic overview: Your Run To Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus or Run To Escape: Mini Mt. Olympus registration includes a series of Puzzle Challenges and Run Experiences. You will receive your first puzzle in your registration confirmation email. Solve this puzzle to figure out how far you need to run – using the RunKeeper App – to get the audio clues needed to solve the next puzzle. That process repeats as you move through the experience! Now for the technical details: After you register, you will be sent a confirmation email that includes your first Run to Escape puzzle. You must solve this puzzle in order to learn the race distance for your first run challenge. When you are ready to run, you must download the Runkeeper App and use it to track your mileage. You will receive audio clues during the run - via the Runkeeper App - and you will need those clues to solve the next puzzle! Once you return from your run and upload your run data to Runkeeper, click the link in your “⚡️Challenge of [God Name]⚡️ Connect to Runkeeper” email to continue on and view your post-run puzzle.

What is your refund policy?

We know you’re going to love this virtual experience, but if you don’t, we don’t want there to be any sour grapes. If you don’t love your Run to Escape: Mission Mt. OIympus experience, we’ve set up a simple and easy refund policy. Just email Hermes@runtoescapeseries.com with the word “Refund” in the subject line and we’ll process your refund right away (minus the credit card company processing fee which, because they’re a credit card company, they won’t waive 😒). To be eligible for our flexible refund policy you must have completed at least two of the Run to Escape Challenges (using the Hermes’ Hints to complete your two challenges is totally fine!). That’s it!

What do I get for completing this experience?

The power of Zeus and the beauty of Aphrodite! Nah, not really. But you will get bragging rights galore & the self-confidence of knowing you crushed a tough physical and mental challenge. A custom Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus Slack community will provide the opportunity to connect with other mortals taking on the mission! All participants that complete the mission will earn exclusive access to the Pantheon Party, which will feature amazing giveaways up to $3000 in value and over $100 worth of discounts from our partners at ASICS Runkeeper™, AfterShokz, and Knockaround. You can also kick back and revel in the celebration of custom playlists, recipes, and experiences curated by each of the other Olympian gods! Some afterparties are epic, but the Pantheon Party promises to be truly IMMORTAL.

Do I get a shirt and a medal?

Sorry - no medals or shirts. First and foremost because this is not a race! But - we’re offering more than $100 in gear discounts from our sponsors, tons of giveaways, and you’re getting 6 runs totalling over 27 miles, 6 high-level puzzles and hints created by a professional escape room company, plus an entertaining story with awesome characters, on-the-run audio content, and an overall immersive experience. So - there is a TON of value - far above any medal or shirt (if we do say so ourselves!). Plus - by not including SWAG that most people discard anyway, we’re taking it easy on the planet and focusing on giving you a phenomenal virtual experience. Think of the environmental impact of sourcing and shipping all those medals and shirts month after month, week after week.

How do I complete the runs?

You must download and use the Runkeeper App to track your runs in order to hear the audio clues you will need to solve your next puzzle. Once downloaded, just press START as you begin to run and the app will give you audio clues as you hit certain milestones. Listen closely to those clues because you will need them to solve the next puzzle! When you finish the run, press STOP and your run will automatically be uploaded to Runkeeper. Once you return from your run, click the link in your “⚡️Challenge of [God Name]⚡️ Connect to Runkeeper” email to continue on and view your post-run puzzle.

How do I know how far to run?

As you solve each puzzle, the required distance of your next run will be revealed!

Can I complete my runs on a treadmill?

Unfortunately, no. The Runkeeper App uses GPS markers to trigger the audio clues so this experience won’t work if you’re running on a treadmill.

Will there be awards?

Awards are not a part of the Run to Escape experience. There will be giveaways and discounts! All finishers of Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus will earn access to the digital Pantheon Party upon completing their final Challenge and puzzle!

Do I have to upload my run somewhere?

You need to use the Runkeeper app to track your runs in order to hear the audio clues that will help you solve the next puzzle. Open up the event in the Runkeeper App and press START to begin each run segment. After you complete your run and press STOP, it will automatically be uploaded to Runkeeper.

These puzzles are hard! Can I get a hint?

Yes, of course! Upon registration, you’ll hear from Hermes, who will share hints with you throughout the experience. Be sure to use them wisely!

Do I have to complete all of the puzzles?

You do if you want to complete the experience and help Atalanta become the Goddess of Running! Each puzzle will give you the info you need to tackle your next run. And you didn’t hear it from us but you might want to hang on to those puzzle solutions until the very end 😜.

Can I run outside of the United States?

Yes! Literally anywhere at any time - totally up to you. Just needs to be outdoors using the (free) Runkeeper app.

*We reserve the right to amend all of our policies including our refund policy. However, any changes will only affect future registrants and will never affect someone who has already registered.