Participant FAQs

RunKeeper FAQs

How do I find Run To Escape on my Runkeeper™️ app?

  1. Download the latest version of the Runkeeper™️ App
  2. After you register for each Challenge you will receive a Challenge Confirmation Email
  3. Click the button in each Confirmation Email to add that Challenge’s Run to your Runkeeper™️ App
  4. Verify your name in Runkeeper™️
  5. Click “Explore” to view your Challenge

How do I track my runs with Runkeeper™️?

  1. Ensure “Race Mode Audio” is toggled on (even if you clicked “Enable Race Mode” in a pop-up)
  2. Make sure that the audio has downloaded to the Runkeeper™️ app
  3. Tap “Track Race Now” to begin your run
  4. When you’ve completed your run, save it in Runkeeper™️ to log your result and receive your next email clue!

Why didn’t I hear the audio clues on my run?

Check that you have Cell Service enabled for the Runkeeper app so that it can track you on your run. Make sure that you have “Race Mode Audio” toggled ON before you start your run and be sure to wait (it just takes a few seconds) for the audio to download to the app before you get started. Please note: You must toggle “Race Mode Audio” to the ON position before EACH run. Don’t worry if you miss the cues on one of your runs, the links to the audio will be sent in your post-run email.

Why is the time on the results page different from my run time?

The results page show the overall elapsed time that it took you to complete the run portion of your Challenge. Runkeeper treats virtual events just like a “race,” so even if you pause or stop your app to take a picture, walk, or talk to a friend, it will include that time in your overall results time.

RaceRoster FAQs

How do I use my Access Code to unlock my next run?

Each Challenge you complete you will reveal an Access Code and you can use that code to unlock your next Challenge! To unlock your next challenge you have two options:

1.Revisit the Registration Page and enter the Access Code under the next Challenge listed on this Page.
OR 2. Click through to the Registration Detail Page and enter the Access Code in the form field. Click Validate, and your next Challenge will unlock. When a correct Access Code is entered, the next Challenge will unlock and look like this: Once you successfully register for your next Challenge, that Challenge Confirmation email will reveal your next run distance.

Puzzle FAQs

These puzzles are hard! Can I get a hint?

Yes, of course! Click here and we’ll hook you up with some hints.

I didn’t receive my post-run puzzle. Help!

After you complete each run in Runkeeper, click the link in your “⚡️Challenge of [God Name]⚡️ Connect to Runkeeper” email to continue on and view your post-run puzzle. Please check your spam folder to make sure our emails are not going into spam! You can also add hermes@runtoescapeseries.com to your Contacts to avoid emails going to spam in the future! If you haven't received your post-registration within 24 hours AND you do not find the email in your spam folder, please submit a customer service ticket and our team will get back to you within 24 hrs on weekdays and 48 hrs on weekends!

I solved the puzzle but the solution isn’t unlocking my next run. What’s up?

Re-read your email to make sure you have followed all of the steps. Some of the gods are trickier than others and require a bit more work before giving you the Access Code for your next run!